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Election Day 2004: The "Citizens Initiative"

Another highrise on the skyline. Too late now!

Election Day, 2004

While the results of the November 2nd elections had a lot more serious consequences than in our little town, Jacksonville Beach recorded a clear and undeniable vote of the will of it's citezenry. With over 75% of the vote, the "citizens initiative" won handily over the proposition set forth by the city council.

Whats the differince? The proposition set forth by "the city of Jacksonville Beach", allows for a 35' height limit on all new construction, with exceptions being the town center area, and all properties east of First Street (the OceanFront). This was billed as "sensible growth". The "Citizens Initiative" agrees with the 35' height limit, but says no to the exceptions. This is the population pretty much saying, "enough is enough!".

What happens now? Pretty much nothing! Most of the proposed building sites already had their permits and construction is going on as planned, and the favorite local gathering spots like the First Street Grill and the Dolphin Depot are still scheduled for destruction right after the Super Bowl. The property owners are whining to the city council that their properties are now worthless and are seeking to get an exemption to build the 12 story condominiums anyway. After a runoff election, we also elected a new mayor, Fland Sharpe, who says that he will uphold the will of the people...