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Fourth of July - a time honored tradition continues at Jax Beach...

Jax Beach Businesses get Holiday Surprise

July 4th Weekend - A 6 block stretch of beach, including the beach in front of Jacksonvile Beaches 2 premier resort hotels, was closed on Satuday due to the federal government and the state of Florida's beach renourishment project.

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July 4, 2005 - Despite afternoon thunderstorms and partly cloudy skies, the masses came in droves to Jacksonville Beach to partake in the holiday weekend festivities, fireworks, and parties. The bands were cranking and the beer was flowing all weekend at the bars, restaurants and street parties throughout the beaches area. The beach has long been a destination on the fourth of July for many of the population inland, and this year westsiders, southsiders, Maclennians and feriners came to the beach to lay out, fish on the pier, or just to hang out on the strip. Jax Beach residences were also enjoying the weekend with house parties, street parties and their own fireworks shows. On the fourth, the city of Jacksonville Beach threw a party all day at the festival grounds with beer and Bar B Q from Sticky Fingers and others. Entertainment was provided by Navy rock bands at the Seawalk Pavilion, and a light drizzle couldn't put a damper on the fireworks show being launched from the end of the pier. Of course, people come to Jax Beach to shoot off their own fireworks, and in spite of some best efforts, they could be seen and heard all over the beaches area.