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Beaches Renourishment
Jax Beach Businesses get a Holiday Surprise

July 4th Weekend - A 6 block stretch of beach, including the beach in front of Jacksonville Beach's 2 premier resort hotels, was closed on Saturday due to the federal government and the state of Florida's beaches re-nourishment project. Both the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort and the Comfort Inn, located in north Jacksonville Beach found their beaches closed to their guests all day Saturday and through the night as heavy equipment worked throughout the night under lights, spreading and packing the sand.
"We had quite a few unhappy guests" says one employee of the Holiday Inn. Employees of the Comfort Inn found that most of their guests were hanging out poolside. By Sunday morning, the dozers had built walkways over the 4' pipe straddling the strand, to allow beachgoers to access the beach. "Luckily it was low tide for most of the day. Our guests seemed to be making the best of it - not really much else they could do".
The project had just finished a stretch in south Jacksonville Beach and had skipped over the "Strip" area of the city where the boardwalk, pier and main business areas are, so as not to disturb the weekend festivities and fireworks. "We had no idea they were coming until they started laying the pipe a couple of blocks south of us".
By Sunday morning the dozers had piled up sand against the pipe at strategic locations, allowing the stressed vacationers back onto their beach, as the heavy work moved on to the north.

Off Limits to beachgoers as heavy equipment spreads the sand.




Beaches reopen Sunday as hotel guests make the best of it